Parking & Transit

All non-metered parking on campus requires a permit.  Faculty/staff and daily permits allow for parking on non-gated faculty/staff lots and campus roadways.

Purchasing a Permit

Option 1 – Cash Purchase
Permit may be purchased at the Cashier’s Office, 3rd  floor of the Administration Building from late August through March. The Cashier’s Office will accept cash, check or credit card.  From April through early August, a cash sale of a permit is handled by Parking Services, Room 100 Facilities Management Building, with the cost prorated.  Parking Services accepts exact currency or check only.   New permits are issued each academic year.

Option 2 – Payroll Deduction Program
Eligible employees (regular or contingent II, 50% or greater) may participate in the payroll deduction program.  This is a pre-tax benefit.  Employees may participate by enrolling within the first two weeks of their hire date from September through the middle of February or during the open enrollment period in August.  Permits obtained through payroll deduction are issued at Parking Services.  New employees must provide their eligibility certificate from the Department of Human Resources and valid identification.  Parking Services will provide the enrollment form and the permit.  Once enrolled in the payroll deduction program, it will continue to roll over each year until the employee returns their permit (and gate card if applicable) and completes a cancellation form.

Purchasing Daily Permits

Daily scratch-off permits are offered for sale from Parking Services.  Employee must provide valid identification.  Parking Services accepts exact currency or check only.  An employee may purchase any quantity of daily permits.  Daily permits are for sale and use by UMBC employees only.

Faculty/Staff Gate Cards

UMBC has several gated faculty/staff lots which are restricted to gate card holders.  For information and to download the gate card request form to be placed on the gate card list, please go to, Faculty & Staff Information.

Temporary Permits for New Employees

Departments may request in writing a two week temporary permit for newly hired regular or contingent II employees. Include the employees name, hire date, and employment category (regular or contingent II) in the request.  Please provide 48 hours notice for processing.   It is recommended that the new employee obtains the permit from Parking Services where they will receive information on their permit purchasing options and parking information.

Campus Rules & Regulations

The campus Parking Rules & Regulations and the campus map are available online at  For any questions or concerns regarding parking, please contact Parking
Services at 410 455-2551 (x52551) or by e-mail to

Transit Information & Services