Skillsoft Percipio Certificate Tracks

Completing a Skillsoft Percipio Certificate Track is easy.  One recommendation is self-directed learning in which you choose a track for your personal development.  You may also choose a track based on your professional development goals and we recommend having a conversation with your supervisor to this end.  Once this has been determined, please use the E-Learning Agreement to clarify use of work time for completing modules. Once you complete the required training for a certificate track, contact Workplace Learning and Wellness at  You will need to present the certificates of completion for each course to receive your Skillsoft Percipio Track Certificate.

We have created seven certificate tracks to maximize your professional development.  See below for certificate tracks and required courses for each.

Microsoft Office Certificate

Administrative Professional Certificate

Work/Life Balance Certificate

Leadership Certificate

Supervision Certificate

Diversity Certificate

Professional Foundations Certificate

Project Management Essentials Certificate

Google Tools Certificate