Establishing a Position

Establishing a Position

When considering establishing a new position, Classification/Compensation staff work with managers to consider the following factors:

  • Department Organizational Structure: review of current position allocation and reporting hierarchy in the department, as well as the Division.
  • Type of Position: determine status of position based upon department needs and whether full-time vs. part time, or regular vs. temporary status is required.
  • Nature of Duties: gauge level of decision-making authority; are anticipated duties exempt, non-exempt or academic, and the impact on existing positions in the department.
  • Budget Impact: determine source of funding as well as impact on department, division and university and if position will add to overall FTE count now or in the future. In order for Class/Comp Staff to begin the position review, the following forms are required:

Upon completion and approval of the required forms, requests to establish a new position are handled as follows:

Steps for Requesting a New Position

To request a new position, a UMBC Position Request Form must be completed and submitted to the HR Classification Unit. To obtain information required for completing the form, use the following steps:

  1. Review vacant position report to ensure no existing positions are available.  If a position is available and a change needs to be made, use a Classification Action Request Form(CAR).
    NOTE: All positions must have an identified source(s) of funding approved by Financial Services and an associated combination code(s). As stated on the Position Request form, identification of a combination code is required for all position requests. Questions regarding the funding source(s) or combination code(s) for a position should be directed to your Shared Services Center or your departmental business services staff prior to submission of the CAR form.
  2. Use UMBC Title Code Listing to identify appropriate payroll title.
  3. Identify Combination Code (funding source) using PS navigation: Payroll for North America>Payroll Distribution> Commitment Accounting USA>UMBC Valid Combo Table.

Position Description and updated department organization chart must accompany the UMBC Position Request Form for Regular and Contingent II position requests.

Questions? Contact a member of the Classification/Compensation Staff.