FAQ’s: Payroll during COVID-19

What happens with live checks while the physical campus is closed?

Live checks will not be available for pick-up in Human Resources while the physical campus is closed.  Human Resources will mail all live checks to employees as long as we are able to receive checks from Central Payroll Bureau.  Employees who have a live check will also receive notification from Payroll.  This notification will let them know to expect their check to be delivered to the address stated on their tax forms.  Note: this is the same address that is used to mail you most recent W-2.  If you are new in 2020, this is the address that was reported on your W4.

How do I initiate or change direct deposit?

Please print out this form and submit directly to the Central Payroll Bureau with an original signature (in BLACK INK). It takes up to 4 paychecks for direct deposit to begin. In the meantime, live checks will be mailed to the address you provided on your W-4/MW-507 form. (NOTE: There may be further delays due to limited processing at CPB.)

Direct Deposit Form

How do I set up a Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) account to see my Paycheck online?

In order to set-up an account go here:  Instructions to access POSC

If you need your most recent ‘check advice number’ as required to access POSC for the first time, please work with your department payroll representative to provide you that information.

How do I change my tax withholding?

Tax withholding for both Federal and State in most cases can be changed online in the POSC system.

If this is a change that cannot be made via the POSC, please complete a federal and/or state tax withholding form which can be found on the Payroll Website.  The completed original tax withholding form must be mailed directly Central Payroll Bureau, the mailing address is  on the bottom of the forms.

What if my address is incorrect on my check?

You will need to update your check address.  This can be done via the POSC system by updating your federal and/or state withholdings.  If you don’t have a POSC account set up, please refer to the FAQ above to set up your account.

If you are unable to use POSC, you must mail a paper form to Central Payroll Bureau.  The appropriate MW-507 (State tax Withholding Form) must be completed with the new address, along with state tax withholding sections, printed, signed and mailed to Central Payroll Bureau:  Central Payroll Bureau, P.O. Box 2396, Annapolis, MD 21404

How can I have an employment verification completed?

Please have the employment verification faxed with the signed employee authorization to Payroll at 410-455-8689.

I am a payroll preparer and/or approver.  How do I get notified of payroll and timesheets related changes?

All processing updates are being posted in the Payroll Preparer/Approver myUMBC group.  If you do not have access, or are a new payroll prepaprer or approver, please email Sherrell McNamara at mcnamara@umbc.edu.