Payroll Online Service Center – POSC

Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis (schedule below).  The Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) allows employees to review and print online pay checks, year-to-date pay history and W-2s. You may also manage your W-4 and change your address with your POSC account.  Learn more about POSC and how to set-up an account.

The Payroll Online Service Center may be used to view/print:

  • View/print current year pay stubs (rolling 12 months)POSC
  • View/print prior year pay stubs
  • View/print duplicate W-2
  • Update Address (related forms are still required such as W-4, benefits)
  • Update Direct Deposit (NEW)
  • Update W-4 (certain tax updates, like filing exempt, can not be done via the POSC)

If you are a current employee and do not already have an account, follow the POSC Set-up Instructions to create an account. Your department payroll preparer can provide you with your most recent paycheck number.

Do you still have questions?
POSC Help For assistance with POSC, please email